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Oh-Naturel Sphynx Cattery


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To be placed on a waiting list and to reserve a kitten when available please send a $300 deposit applied toward the total purchase price. I sell pet breeder and show quality sphynx please inquire about the price of a individual kitten. Pets which will be spayed or neutered the price increases for breeding or show kittens/cats which will be sold to approved homes only. Shipping is an additional fee paid by you if necessary. Please check with me for a shipping quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sphynx Cats

Trademark Traits:

* Very curious
* Playful and mischievous
* Highly intelligent
* Devoted to their owners
* Somewhat vocal
Some Ideal Human Companions:

* Families with children
* Singles with other pets
* Experienced cat owners

What They’re Like to Live With:
Because of their lack of a coat, they need to keep their bodies from losing heat. Let them snuggle with you under blankets and treat them to feline clothing to keep them feeling cozy on cold nights. No need for a comb or brush for this breed, however, weekly sponge bath with baby wipes is suggested to clean the natural oils produced by the Sphynx. You also need to help your Sphynx keep it's ears free from oily buildup. This smart, high-energy breed loves to show off for his favorite people and is social to house guests. Don’t be surprised by their large appetites. This breed is noted for its high metabolism and need to eat a hardy portion of high quality cat food, and is at low risk for becoming overweight or obese.

*Reserve your kitten now through the link below. Send a $300 deposit through pay pal now.